About: Indigo G

Indigo G is a self taught multi-instrumentalist Producer / DJ and Visionary Artist and Fashion Designer.
He Emerged from the Philadelphia / South Jersey scene... As the pioneer in this Indigo G movement. One, whose principles and beliefs about their role in today’s music market are characterized as… 
A complex vibrational current, possessing the compatibility of  Visionary Artistic Imaginary with the pulsation of an Evolutionary induced flow...       In which the defining walls that separate one genre from the next become non-existent. Allowing the music to inhabit a life of it’s own… dipping and diving through a sea of sound, capturing the necessary elements needed to produce and construct his beats and rhythms.

When asked what outlets, Boe would like to see his Artwork experience? He explained that he holds a heavy interest in the collaboration with commercial, film, video game industries, as well as graphic and fashion design outlets!

His music is a twist of Tool meets Pink Floyd along with a heavy dose of the Doors with a splash of Slipknot at a Rave. Style wise, he bares a major resemblance to Beck and Nine Inch Nails.

Most recently he has begun his own Custom Clothing & Apparel Line.


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